Sunday, March 29, 2009

hair picture

I haven't been super excited about posting the pictures of my hair drama because I unfortunately didn't take the before picture as was promised. Its okay though, all you have to do is think of the worst underdeveloped color of highlights you can possibly imagine and just paste that on the tip top of my head and there you have it. I tried to do a google image search but nothing even came close to how bad the bleach sploch was that I created on my hair. I did however manage to get an after picture.
Its amazing really how well it covered it up. You almost can't even tell a bleach spot exisited underneath the *ash* brown. It's ash people. She put straight green and blue on my hair, no red. I know, it still pulled a little red. But I like to pretend that it pulled perfectly ash, 'cause I don't do red y'all.

Friday, March 20, 2009

even more goodell goodies

While I was at work two nights ago, my friend Ali surprised me with a bag full of her famous cookies and rice crispy treats. She came all the way down to the basement of the library just to deliver her most amazing goodies to me. Who does that? now I've got you thinking about your visiting teacher, but did I mention Ali is not my Visiting Teacher? Yep, she's amazing. It's like she can read my mind. After being in the basement for four hours straight with one hour remaining, and three days into my detox, there was nothing more that I wanted than a bag full of Ali's cookies and rice crispy treats.

Two weeks ago she dropped by my basement apartment with some amish friendship bread, along with a bag full of the starter mix. The bread she had prepared was so amazing, more amazing than I ever remember amish bread being. I went out and bought whole wheat to continue the starter "healthy" style. It actually made really yummy chocolate muffins which I decided to share with my sunday school class. I waited until after the class devoured them before mentioning they were "healthy". Wikipedia says you can freeze the starter for later use, which I think I will do instead of giving the friendship bread to a friend. I am so bad, I know. But that way I can use the remaining three starter bags to make more muffins for my class. At least I'm sharing with someone, right?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finally, Something Good to Blog About

In high school I had a hairstylist that I absolutely loved. Her name was Holly and she was amazing. But ever since I moved to Provo trying to find a stylist that did as good of a job as my Tallahassee stylist has been an ongoing battle. In fact, it wasn't until April 23rd of last year that I actually found someone who did my hair exactly how I wanted it. Her name was Maren and she worked at 7th Street Salon.

Remember this post? It is the one that originally had a picture of a sliced ham to go along with the new slicing technique that I had recently discovered (I later took off the picture of the ham since I thought it looked stupid). The part of this story that I failed to blog about later, was my search for Maren, the girl who introduced me to this new hair technique. About four months after my first slicing, I decided I needed to have her do it again, and for the first time in four years, I was planning on calling the same stylist for a second appointment. All I knew was her first name, as she had given me a salon punch card and wrote Maren on the back.When I called the salon and asked for Maren they said they didn't know anyone by that name. Come to find out, the salon had been sold and Maren had left. I tried calling the previous owner to see if she knew where Maren went, but no luck. At one point I got so desperate that I started calling different salons around town asking for Maren, but of course I never found her.

And then came last Friday. There I was, one horrible hair stylist, one decent hair stylist, and one person who didn't know a thing about how to do hair (myself) later. My hair was pulled to the side with a bobby pin hiding the big splotch of orangish-yellow hair-- from my recent do-it-yourself mishap-- on the top of my head. My poor hair was at an all time low. I decided to go to the VITA(volunteer income tax assistance) lab early since my class got out early. Turns out they were a bit behind in the lab so I was able to take one of the prior hour's appointments. I sat down with the couple and started thumbing though their W-2s. And that's where my story comes to an end.

I got to a penciled-in 1099 MISC form that read "Seventh Street Salon" in the Payer's name box, and "Maren" in the recipient's box. I preceded to tell the couple the whole story which they of course got a kick out of it. I was really weirded out and excited at the same time- afterall, I was siting next to The Maren that I had been looking for for so long.

I will post a picture of the before and after later this week once I have Maren fix it.