Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Finished Product

Just so you get an idea of how far our little gator has come, let me remind you of how he used to look:
First he was white

then he was all dull and pastel looking

and now he is so shinny!

We like our little gator.

Monday, February 18, 2008

John Cougar Mellencamp

My brothers have the best taste in music. A long time ago my bro- Alex, introduced me to John Cougar Mellencamp, and now he is like my favorite. An even longer time ago my other bro- Andy, introduced me to the Red Hot Chile Peppers and they are like my absolute favorite. However, since we hear the Red Hot Chile Peppers all the time, I decided to make my playlist completely devoted to JM. If you do not like my music selection, just press the pause button. If you love my music selection then get excited and dance!
I like his middle name- what do you think "John Cougar Savage" or even "Cougar Trent Savage"? Trent isn't the biggest BYU cougar fan (yet) so I don't think he would go for it.
Haha, I was just kidding that is a hideous name.

Color Me Mine

This past weekend Trent and I went on a double date to Color Me Mine. Trent didn't know what the date entailed until we got to the store and he saw all the pottery and painting going on. He was like "I'm not going in there." What he really meant is that he didn't want to go in, but of course he was going to.
As we walked around the store looking for our special piece of pottery to paint he rejected all of my suggestions. He didn't want a vase, or a plate, or coasters. We didn't "need" any of these things. But then, we got to the kid section and it was like love at first sight--- he found an alligator. All of a sudden Trent's attitude about color me mine changed and we had a splendid time. I painted the alligator and he supervised. He told me exactly what he wanted it to look like. We wont know exactly what it looks like until Thursday when it come out of the kiln. I will repost a picture of the finish product. Here is us working on the gator.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Lunts are Bloggers

Yea! I recruited my cute sister in law, Brittany, to make a blog. Check it out at I told her its easier than downloading pictures to snapfish, so hopefully we will get to see lots of pics of the fam on her blog.
Thanks Brittany!