Sunday, June 22, 2008

The DAT is Over

Trent finished the Dental Admission Test last Thursday and was told his score immediately after he finished. Having known this before hand, I sat by the phone, patiently waiting to hear how he did. Finally, around 5 o'clock he called and said he did "alright" and that he got a 21 academic average. The reading section hurt him a little bit because he ran out of time, but his sciences brought the average up. He actually didn't miss a single question in the Chemistry section. I am very proud of him but he says I am not allowed to brag about it on here. So, all I can say is that his score was well above average and hopefully (cross your fingers) it will be good enough to get him into a dental school! In past years, the average score of those admitted to the universities that he is applying to has been around a 19.
Many thanks to all of our family for helping him prepare for the DAT and of course for all of the prayers.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Attack of the Spider

Crazy thing just happened a minute ago and I am still itching all over because of it. I was laying in bed, it was only 6:15 in the morning, and randomly flinch my eye open, only to see a huge black thing coming towards me with only like 10 inches to go (until it attacks my face). This thing was almost big enough that I could feel its presence with my eyes shut, and was actually big enough that I could see it when I randomly squint open my eyes in the wee hours of the morning. Anyways, so now my eyes get wide open and I see it much clearer- it is a deadly spider(spiders that big have to be venomous, right?), and indeed it is inching closer and closer towards me. So I throw the sheets up in the air and jump out of the bed and start yelling things at Trent (for him to get out-- wouldn't want the spider to start attacking him). We then processed to kill the spider by picking it up with some paper towels and flushing it down the toilet.
On the bright side of things, it did get me out of bed which probably wouldn't have happened any other way considering I went to bed at 1:30 and it was still only a little after 6. Why this is a good thing is because I need to study for my Econometrics final exam, that begins in 6 hours!! Better get to studying...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Every time I am around Laurel I am reminded of my childhood. Perhaps those who knew me when I was a youngster, and also know Laurel could validate/invalidate this claim that we are quite similar? Besides the way I acted, I think I may have looked like her a bit too. It’s for this reason I was ecstatic to see her dressed in an outfit very similar to my own when we met at Aunt Elaine and Uncle CF's hotel last weekend. They took us all out to dinner at Zuppas and it was a blast! The chocolate fondue was amazing and so was the soups and salads. Thanks Aunt Elaine and Uncle CF! I am so excited for them to be out here in the fall. So here is a pic of me and my twin:Our shirts are the exact same, Old Navy brand. When I bought it, I actually thought maybe it was a dress for kids, so I was glad to see Laurel was wearing it as a shirt too. It’s unfortunate that the picture doesn't show our legs because we were wearing matching jean shorts too!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's been 2 years...

And we're still together! Sometimes I wonder how Trent survives it... ESPECIALLY after my little air head moment on Tuesday.
So this is what happened-- I chopped up some veggies and put them in a skillet and then placed the skillet on the stove top in preparation for dinner. At this point my friend knocks on the door and says shes ready to drive over to Trent's b-ball game with me. I asked my friend if she thought that I could leave the chopped veggies sitting out while we went to the game, or if I should put them in the fridge. Well, duh, veggies don't have to be refrigerated, right? So I left them on the stove, and of course I checked to make sure the eye was off.

Approximately one hour later, we get home to a house full of black smoke. The worst part is that we live in the basement and smoke rises, and of course the guy who lives above us is my professor's son. The professor of my econometrics class that Trent says is "eating me alive." But the neighbors were so nice about it, we really couldn't ask for better people to share a house with.

Its been 2 days...

and our house still smells like smoke. Along with our clothes. And everything else in the house. Its okay though because our friends let us borrow their tent. We pitched it in the backyard and have had a grand time sleeping in it the past two nights. The rain we've had just added to the experience:My airheadedness explains why making it this far as a married couple is no small deal. So, in celebration of this momentous milestone, we spent the week up at Snowbird in a timeshare that Trent's parent's hooked us up with (thanks Judy and Wes). We had lots of fun frolicking in the mountains, it was a very savege-esqu way of celebrating an anniversary. My favorite part was swimming in the hot pool while it snowed:We also celebrated Trent's birthday the first night we got up to Snowbird. Trent's mom brought up some brownies with 24 candles atop.
Here is Trent after he blew out the candles, very anxious to cut into his birthday treat: