Sunday, April 19, 2009


blog title courtesy of Trent. It has nothing to do with this post mind you. so dont get to the end and think, "so what is a pyrophosphate?" cause then you might want to google it- seriously not worth it. Rather, you should get to the end of this post and think, "oh, that's why she tittled it Pyrophosphate" Basically this post is so meaningless I couldn't even think up a good title. I could have done "4 days left!" or "Warner" but when Trent suggested the above word that starts with a P, I thought- perfect. done and done.

My little countdown gadget used to excite me. I would read "55 days, 19 hours..." and think- less than two months, I can do this.
I needed it then. I wanted the end to come fast, and boy howdy did it.
Yesterday I took my very last test ever in the BYU testing center. With all my bazillion final exams and projects going on the past few weeks, I haven't had time to check the countdown on a daily basis, but now that I am practically done with school(with the exception of finishing up two group projects) I finally feel like I have time to post about life. That is until I pull up my blog site and the first thing I see is "6 days...", "5 days, 8 hours...", now its telling me I have a mere 4 days and 19 hours to get everything done that I need to. At this point I usually close down the computer down and scamper somewhere else to do something productive. But so is not the case today. I got an email from my mom on behalf of my beloved little nephew, Warner and I just had to share:

AMELIA and TRENT, ujsj54udiuoheeeeu 48u07--054029198`98`89`89899iyoioo7oo8[plnkfvfrewazswert5432qjhgyu7 8hhggf (Remember when I use to wrestle with Trent? That was fun. I want to come to your house.) Love, WARNER

love that boy to pieces. More posts coming soon- black eyes, chemistry goggles, and top ten lists