Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spitting Image

TJ might be a Trent Junior, and we are often told that TJ looks just like Trent, but I think TJ might have some of those so-called Lunt genes too. I found a few baby pictures laying around at my parent's house, and I am told they are of my brother, Alex... but tell me this doesn't look EXACTLY like TJ:
When I ask TJ who the above picture is he always says, "Rex" (Alex's youngest son). Interesting. I suppose that means TJ isn't quite a "spitting image" of Alex, but I do see a very, very, close resemblance.

We were fortunate enough to have Alex and family visit us in Gainesville on their way down to Orlando this week. Here is Alex (in the background) with his son, Warner, holding TJ:
Certainly some Lunt looks going on in that picture, no?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

TJ's Nineteenth Month

TJ had a very merry nineteenth month. We were able to go up to my parent's house to celebrate Christmas and spend time with family. I was lazy this month and didn't take a single picture with my camera, but thank goodness for the few taken with my dad's camera in addition to a few from my phone.

TJ loves going to my parents house because a) he loves my parents b) he loves my parents dog, Anna, and c) he loves to play outdoors. Swinging on this tire is just one of his favorite things to do in their yard.

We spent Christmas Eve with my Mom, Dad, Andy's family, and Alex's family. After dinner we had the kids dress up as we sang each verse of The Nativity Song. TJ decided to opt out of this activity (read- temper tantrum over holding a star), leaving only four others to fill in all the other roles to be played. Stevie had us all laughing as he crawled and baaa-ed even after his role of sheep was over- here he is as a baa-ing shepherd.

We then exchanged gifts. TJ loved opening presents, and was ecstatic to get a basketball and PJs from Alex and family, a little people zoo with animals from my parents, animals from Andy and family, Playdoh from Amanda and family, and a magna doodle from Sabrina and family. But I think he was most excited about his new basketball, TJ just can't get enough of those balls.

Christmas morning we opened more presents, including those from Santa. This year we decided to start the tradition of giving TJ four presents- something he wants (cars and a mat to drive them on), something to wear (socks),

something he needs (sandbox), (a cleaner version of digging in the back yard)
and something to read (a book about machines).

After opening presents we went over to Alex and Brittany's house for their special french toast and homemade syrup. As soon as they were done eating, the older boys went outside to play a game of basketball while the younger boys got in their way.

When we got back to my parents house after church, TJ took off his pants and pranced around in his button-up shirt, vest, and rain boots ensemble while helping himself to a healthy snack.

After Christmas we stayed in Tallahassee for a few days and hung out with family. Something fun about TJ is that he loves doing things with other kids. He enjoyed swinging by himself, but swinging with cousin Rex was ten times the joy.

At one point during our visit Trent and TJ helped my dad cut down a couple of trees. Here is TJ and my dad taking a break after their hard work.

In other news, TJ has discovered a renewed love for baby food- both fruit and veggies. In my book, pureed veggies and fruit is about as healthy as it gets, so when TJ points to the cabinet that contains baby food and demands "bebe!" I put on his bib and let him have at it.

In even more interesting news, TJ and I have been gearing up for baby girl. You know, refinishing cradles, sorting baby clothes, and buying leashes to contain big brother. This right here is a picture of TJ and his new leash- a monkey backpack with a very long tail for me to hold onto so that he doesn't run out into the street, get lost in stores, etc. So far he loves it, but I myself am a bit embarrassed to actually use it.

And that's it folks. After Christmas we passed around a nasty cough/cold, but the weather has been warmer and we are happier than ever to be healthy again. TJ is a delightful little boy to be around (especially when he is healthy), and I feel very lucky to be his mom.