Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

TJ's fourth month

Of course this month wasn't any different than last. I was too "busy" to post all the happenings of our growing boy as they came... so here goes the new tradition of dumping a full months worth of pictures into one post. This one we will call "TJ's fourth month". It began with TJ rolling over just one day after my previous post. He proceeded to roll over several other times but he hasn't done it much lately. I guess all those rolls were just accidental.
The boy loves to drool. He should always always wear a bib because he is always drooling. The doctor says he might be teething?
He also likes to suck his thumb. Usually his little pointer finger rests on his nose to make room for the thumb to go in further. He has been trying to suck his thumb ever since the day he was born but I have fought it off with the pacifier. Now he wakes up several times during the night when his pacifier falls out so as of today I declare TJ the winner- you can have your thumb, bud. I'm sure in about 5 years I will be fighting the no-thumb-sucking battle again but right now we both need sleep :)
TJ got his first hair cut this month.
All we did was trim off his little 1980's rat tail.
He out grew the infant insert in his car seat.
And started practicing sitting in his high chair, and did pretty good, although sometimes he would fall to the side.
Yesterday he had me laughing. I set him up in the corner of his crib and went into the other room to get ready for the day.
When I came back he was fast asleep while sitting straight up. He must be like his mom and especially my dad- we are both pretty good at falling asleep while sitting up.

Lastly, here are his stats from his 4 month checkup today:
Head: 17 (72 %) not sure where he got his big head from
Height: 25.25 (62 %)
Weight: 15.15 (69 %)