Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TJ's third month

I wasn't planning on doing another massive month-in-review type of post, but it looks like another month has come and gone and it's time to get this blog updated...

TJ tagged along for my 24th birthday celebration at Yamatos Japanese Steakhouse. Thank you, TJ, for sleeping through the whole thing.
TJ took his first trip out of state when we visited Jeff and Stacey in Georgia. Jeff is a coach for Elbert County High school and, despite a few car troubles on the way up, we were able to make it to his season opener. It was so neat to see Jeff coaching from the sidelines with the headset and wrist band, so professional.

The rest of our stay was spent indoors due to rain, but of course that is still fun when you are with fun people like this. We love, love, love hanging out with the Bennums.

While in Athens we visited with Meme and Lee and went out for a bite to eat. For some reason the group picture turned out blurry, which really is a shame. In the other picture TJ is rubbing his eyes- something he does now when he gets tired.

After Georgia we headed down to Tallahassee to hang out with my family. TJ wasn't a fan of my parent's pool but he did love the portable swing we set up right beside it.

My parents couldn't get enough of us while we were there so they came down to Gainesville that following weekend. My mom had TJ rolling with his new found love for laughing.

TJ has taken a few trips to the pool across the street at our old apartment complex. We love spending the afternoon with our old neighbors, Mikeal and Bronson. However, it's hit or miss whether TJ will enjoy the pool. He has to be full and the water has to be warm.

TJ got to spend a couple of mornings with Mr. Julian last week. Pretty much every day since the day TJ was born I have thought to myself, "how do people have more than one?" and hence I was a bit worried about watching the two babies by myself. Thanks to TJ sleeping most of the time, Julian being a really good baby, and lots of unexpected help from Trent and Mikeal, I didn't have to figure out the two baby thing quite yet.

Last Saturday TJ went to his first UF football game. He did so good. Here he is on the way to the game, along with some random filler picture.

And here we are at the game. He slept most of the first and last quarters and didn't seem bothered at all by the noise. What a trooper.

Lastly, some pictures from tummy time. He is much happier when on his back, but I read somewhere that he is supposed to be propping himself up on his elbows and rolling over by now, if not very soon. Needless to say we have been doing lots of tummy time the last few days and TJ is making some progress. He can prop himself up on his elbows and even scoots forward but his arms aren't as strong so he just drags them behind. Still working on the roll over thing.