Tuesday, December 9, 2008

From Tired to Wired

Zip Fizz works. Trent and I are large proponents of this little container of energy in powdered drink mix form. After a satisfying splendor of steak and sweet potatoes from the Outback Steakhouse during our last provo party with Aunt Elaine, Uncle CF, and cousin Sally, I was suddenly hit by a wave of tiredness. I thought for sure my attempts to finish my research proposal this evening were void. But so was not the case- Thanks to the Pink Lemonade-flavored-fizzy-oodles-of-energy, I was able to crank my paper out in no time.  Now on to my stats test...

As a side note- Thanks Aunt Elaine and Uncle CF! We have really enjoyed your refreshingly southern hospitality and company in Provo this semester!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Price of Applying

The whole dental school application process has turned out to be quite the pricey experience. We knew it would be expensive for tuition but who would have thought it would cost so much just to apply/interview.

DAT Prep Materials
Crack DAT PAT: 200.00
DAT achiever: 50.00
BYU prep course: 350.00
Extra text books: 20.00

To sit for exam: 190.00
Send scores: 325.00

AADSAS fee: 1,095.00

Supplementary Applications
Tufts: 60.00
Virgina Commonwealth: 70.00
Arizona: 60.00
Loma Linda: 75.00
Nova: 50.00
UNLV: 50.00
Case Western: 45.00
Midwestern: 50.00
South Carolina: 70.00
North Carolina: 78.00
Louisville: 50.00
Florida: 30.00
Kentucky: 70.00
Maryland: 70.00
Meharry: 60.00

(Flights+Car rentals+Hotels)
UF/Midwestern trip: 1235.00
Arizona, UNC, VCU trip: 1369.00
Nova trip: 421.00
Louisville, UNLV trip: 432.00
Meharry: 420.00

Grand total

At least we now know its over. Trent got accepted to Louisville, Florida, Meharry, Nova, and VCU this morning! Ironically, just a few minutes ago I got a call from UF admissions (in response to the voice message I left two weeks ago) about the residency situation that we have been trying to figure out for the past month, and they informed us that Trent is now an official Florida resident!
Jeff Demps, Trent's favorite Florida football playerI found this picture of the UF toothbrush when doing a google image search for "Jeff Demps UF football". If anyone can find this toothbrush for sale, please let me know. I need it.