Friday, August 22, 2008

Despite the fact that the Path of our trip Collided with the Path of the Hurricane...

We made it to Jax beach safely. I don't know if this is considered to be "lucky" but the bridge from my brother's house to the airport opened for a span of about 2 hours yesterday, just in time for Andy to pick us up from the airport and take us back to his house on the beach. Now we are inside watching the winds and rains. We walked to the beach but had to shield our eyes from the pellets of sand/water blowing into our faces.
At first glance it is hard to tell how windy it is. Look closer, perhaps at my hair, that will tell you everything. In the background you can see the exchange between a couple of lifeguards and a swimmer. They told the swimmer to get out of the water or else they would call the police. A couple of swimmers drowned at the beach yesterday so they are very serious about not being in the water. There is a lot of flooding from the rains, evidently the worst weather seen in this area for a long time. I don't think its too too bad, we braved it an hour ago and went out for lunch during the tornado warning. For the most part we have been playing inside, watching TV and playing Wii, but now we are going to head back out to the beach.

Vegas Vacation

Erase pictures from memory card: check
Disconnect camera charging cords from computer: check
Place camera in luggage: check
Pack charging cords with camera: hmm...

The cleared memory card and camera do no good with out the cords to charge it. So unfortunately we don't have pictures of our trip to Vegas to share on the blog. We did have the good ol' trusty camera phone so I suppose I do have some pictures that I can put up here once we get home.

So, Trent and I went to Vegas on our way to Florida on my birthday. We stayed at the Mirage. I have a picture of our room on my phone I will have to post one day, it was recently remodeled, and very nice. We got credit to go to the Cravings Buffet which was also amazing. I would love to do it again and stay a bit longer. Our room also gave us credit to see the Sigfried and Roy dolphin and tiger show. The best part was laying out by the pool in the sun.

There was a 24 Hour Fitness at the airport so we hit that up before our flight left to Atlanta. For the first time I entered 22 as my age on the elliptical, very exciting, I know.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Ever since Trent finished his dental test its seems we have had so much more time to play (and not enough time to blog, evidently). Here is a photo account of some of our latest activities:

My cousin's adorable daughter, Emme, came to visit!

We bought cute matching dresses, went to the water park, and ate yummy birthday cake flavored Dippin' Dots. I was so impressed that she wasn't afraid to go down any of the steep slides even though she was just barely tall enough to ride them!
(Natalie- I need your email address so I can send more pictures, or I can send them to your mom and have her forward them)
I was able to check out breaking dawn from the BYU library a few days after the release. Read it and loved it.
We have had lots and lots of Wii tournaments (pictured above Trent, Katie, Joe, Ali, Jed).
Before the Wii came along the double date of choice was mini golfing. Here we are with our prize teeth.

We had a going a way party for Katie and Joe at the new canon center. We are sad that they are leaving Provo but are so excited for their plans. Katie is going to graduate school and Joe has a great job lined up at Deloitte. We can't wait to visit them in California!

Judy and Wes took us water sking/wake boarding at Rock Port. The weather was perfect, the water was realtively warm, and the company was fantastic. It was so nice of Trent's parents, they even brought a cooler full of yumy food and Judy made my favorite peanut butter cookies. We forgot our camera so we had to use our phone to take the pictures. The first two are both of us, the second two are me, and the last two are Trent.

My little Ali got married and I must say the wedding and reception was fabulous. She had a fantastic photographer so I can't wait to see the pictures of the wedding. Here is one of her bridals. So cute!