Monday, October 10, 2011

TJ's Sixteenth Month

TJ is one active little child.
Always going one hundred miles per hour.
With no slow down button.
He's into everything.
And loves to make messes.
He's independent.
All boy.
100% Wild Savage.

Every month seems to go by faster and faster. TJ's sixteenth month was no exception. We didn't take a ton of pictures, but we were able to capture some of his favorite things:

Grapes. And all other fruit that resembles a ball. They are all conveniently located in the fridge drawer at his eye level, so he always tries to sneak a handful when the fridge door is open.

Putting on other people's shoes. He thinks he is something else in a pair of shoes that are too big for him.

Putting on other people's hats.

Playing with cousins. Playing in the dirt. And he certainly loves to wear nothing but the diaper.

Reading books. He especially likes how Elaine reads them.

Balloons. The color pink. And of course Julian. I'm pretty sure those were the only things he noticed when we went to visit Ella Grace in the hospital. Yep, looking back, I don't think he even noticed Ella Grace.

His "girlfriend." Anytime we go outside he has to run over to the neighbors' front doorstep and say, "hello" to his favorite girl with a blue bonnet. The frequent hellos turned into frequent kisses, and now, Blue Bonnet is officially his "girlfriend."

Sitting on high stools.

Eating yummy melon. Or any food for that matter.

And licking the bowl clean.

Imitating his daddy. If Daddy has a tray table then certainly TJ needs one too.

Riding in his stroller. And people watching. What better place than at a gator pregame festival?

Water. He loves to drink it, play in it, and splash himself in the face with it. We went outside to clean out the fishbowl but TJ decided it was more fun to hose himself down.

Kaeme. TJ loves when my mom comes down to visit because she gives him lots of attention.

He also loves animals-- our pet fish, looking out the window at the birds and squirrels, all of our neighbor's and friend's dogs, my mom's bunny, and especially my mom's little dog, Anna. He loves stuffed animals too. He usually has one tucked under his arm, like a little side-kick, as he runs around the house making messes. He is a handful, but he is a sweet one.
Oh TJ, thank you for making life so delicious!