Thursday, June 21, 2012

TJ's 24th Month

At 2 years old, TJ....

... Loves the swimming pool. We don't have a pool but he randomly requests to go "swimmin'" on a regular basis.

... Is a complete goof ball. He loves to act silly, climb all over Daddy, and make funny faces.

 ... Loves to jump. Here's his four star landing after jumping off of the blue storage bin behind him. He likes to jump off of high surfaces or just up and down on the ground. He jumps when he is happy, excited, and when trying to dance.

... Is a mess. If I leave him unattended for more than a few seconds there is a good chance I will return to a sight like this. That white powder all over TJ, the couch, and the floor- that's infant formula.

... Loves sports, especially basketball. He was in heaven when Bronson lifted him up to shoot some hoops in the back yard.

... Is intrigued by bugs. He's pretty good about not touching them, but he does like to get on all fours to get a better look.

... Loves to eat. Here he is downing a peanut butter sandwich, a favorite around here. He's not too picky, and is pretty much always hungry.

... Wears matching outfits with his sister as much as possible. Luckily for me, he doesn't put up a fuss about this.

... Is a happy boy. He runs around all day with a big smile on his face but it is sometimes hard to capture because he absolutely hates the camera.

During TJ's 24th month, we...

... Took a family trip to Cocoa Beach. While there, we rented a surf board and took turns trying to catch a wave. For the record, TJ was not a fan of surfing. 

Before we got in the water I attempted to take some pictures of the kids. Like usual, I couldn't capture the perfect picture of the two of them in their matching outfits, but I did have fun chasing after them with the camera.

 ... Went to the splash park for Trent's birthday.

 ... And to Yamato's Japanese Steakhouse for Trent and I's 6 year anniversary.

He was amazed by all the fire and tricks.

 ... Went to Arizona and stayed with my sister for the weekend before heading north to Ft. Defiance for Trent's dental externship. TJ had a blast playing with his cousins and all of their toys.

 While in Ft. Defiance we played at the local park...

...Went on drives during the day to kill time observe the pretty scenery and animal life. 

TJ was ready to jump through the fence and pet the horses until they started to walk towards us, at which point TJ pleaded for me to hold him.

... Went to the local zoo. He was lifting up the rope, ready to jump into that cage with the bear also. 

... Celebrated TJ's actual birthday with cupcakes and a mini mylar balloon. He loves to sing the birthday song. It's now up there with the ABC song as one of his favorites.

Claudia knew exactly how to make TJ's day special.

And that concludes TJ's 24th month and second year of life. We now enter the next chapter- the "terrible twos." Our trip to Ft. Defiance did, ironically, take a terrible turn on TJ's birthday- my cell phone was stolen :(
Here's to hoping the next year isn't as awful as some say. I better go to the library and find "1, 2, 3, Magic" a discipline book recommended by my doctor. Has anyone tried that one? Or maybe you know of another one?