Monday, May 9, 2011

TJ's Eleventh Month

If you have a baby, you may agree that the most commonly asked question when you take your baby out in public is, "how old is he/she?" I about cried yesterday when I had to respond, "eleven months." TJ is growing up fast. A little too fast for this sappy mom.
When I think back on TJ's eleventh month, the first thing that comes to mind is balls. Sometime at the beginning of the month he learned how to say "ball," and hasn't stopped saying it ever since. He loves playing catch, and is surprisingly good at the catching part, but surprisingly bad at the throwing part. He likes to pump fake his throws, until eventually it drops out of his hand and rolls towards you. When I put him in his car seat he cries, "ball! ball!" but when he has a ball in his hands he is pretty much content. While most babies hug stuffed animals and other soft items, TJ is often found hunkering over a ball, hugging it. In summary, TJ is obsessed with balls.

Hugging daddy's football.

At the beginning of April he learned how to stand on his own, but it wasn't until yesterday that he took his first micro steps. He seems very frightened by the idea of walking without holding onto something, so he usually keeps a good grip on the couch, or his walker, or just crawls, to make his way around.

We took a fun little one day trip to our closest beach, Cedar Key. Despite the nasty-nast water, it was delightful.

It even had a nice park with swings and a basketball hoop right on the beach. Trent shot some hoops with this random kid who's name was also TJ. He was a little baller.

Our little TJ played with his ball in the sand.

Kim and I ran into Publix to grab some groceries one day and the boys had a hoot holding onto the wheel in the grocery cart car.

A few friends took our babies to the splash park in Alachua for a fun play group.

TJ loved it.


TJ had an extra special treat this month- Julian and fam spent the night for a few nights in the middle of their move.

The boys had so much fun playing on the stairs.

And on the fireplace. I just love watching them play together- they are so cute.

My mom bought TJ some alphabet magnets and TJ loved pulling them off the metal closet door and flinging them all over the room.

The story behind this sentence, "TJ likes steak," is that Trent took TJ to a steakhouse with Stace and Julian while Kim and I were out of town. Trent gave TJ steak for the first time. He of course loved it. He loves his meat, that is for sure.

After we take TJ out of the bath we let him crawl around for a minute before we put his diaper on. He giggles for the entire minute straight. And then I start to worry that he will pee so I throw the diaper on. Here he is with his shark towel which is pretty awesome because it doesn't come off when he crawls around.

Peace out y'all.