Friday, May 28, 2010

Update for anyone who's interested

No baby yet. I tried drinking half a bottle of castor oil on the 25th, eating mexican food on the 26th, and lots and lots of walking over the last couple of days. But again- no baby. Just one very pregnant woman (who now gets asked if she's having twins), and one very impatient husband. Trent's birthday came, but not even an inkling of a contraction. I have surrendered to the fact that I have little control over when our baby boy makes his entrance. But I can't put all the blame on him, after all, we did gave him conflicting advice- wait until we are settled into our new place, but come on the 26th. We were no where near close to being settled in on the 26th. It's the evening of the 28th and I am just now starting to feel somewhat settled. This is mostly due to the great help I have received from my mom who came down Tuesday night to help get all my projects done before the little baby comes. She has been working nonstop ever since she got here.

Last week Trent and I decided to celebrate his birthday early by cashing in on his free Whisky River chicken sandwich at Red Robin. The closest Red Robin is 2 hours away in Daytona, so we made the birthday celebration into a day at the beach. This is very fitting for Trent who worships the sun. While we were on the east coast we decided to drive up to Jacksonville Beach to drop off a bed for my nephew, Stevie. And while we were there I had Trent take some pictures of mrs. preggo in her swimsuit...
with a coverup on top.
Of course we couldn't actually make it off the boardwalk and into the sand before the battery died but the 9 month pregnant look was captured and I am now officially done taking pictures.
Tomorrow I am going to post pictures of my baby showers. If you don't see a post hopefully that means I'm having a baby.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Full term

It's so hard to believe that tomorrow my baby will be "full term". Even though he has been quite the wiggle worm in the womb, for some reason, it's still very hard for me to comprehend that a real live baby is inside of me...
People still ask if I am ready. I still don't know how to answer that. Our baby is supposedly ready as far as position goes, evidently he flipped and is now "vertex" rather than "breach." And after having a couple of amazing baby showers last week, both Baby and I are much more prepared in a necessity sense than before. I'm pretty sure I have little control over the exact date of arrival, but wishing for this baby to be a boy didn't seem to do any harm.
In my "perfect world" Baby Savage would wait until after we have moved (that would be this weekend). In fact, he would also wait until after we have somewhat settled in to our new place (give me another couple weeks for that). The most ideal date would be May 26th, since that is Trent's birthday, and also Trent's Dad's birthday. Three generations, that would be something. But the true due date- which is the 28th, wouldn't be bad either, it's the first day of Trent's 2 week break from school. The next two days after that would be okay too, but anything in the month of June is not part of my "perfect world" plan.
I think the reality of this pregnancy will hit me like a million bricks once I go into labor, and especially once I see the baby outside of the womb. Until then I will try to get as much prepared as possible- any last minute advice would be wonderful :)