Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ayla's Seventh Month

What a time we have had with our little seventh month old. Before I begin to complain, I must say she really is a great baby. She plays happily with her toys, smiles at anyone that looks at her, and is a champion when it comes to eating. She just had a hard time sleeping this summer. We never got into a routine which meant she never slept through the night. Alllll summer long. Just when I was about to throw in the towel on the whole two baby business, we took an unexpected trip to Texas (we were going to go on a vacation to the Florida Keys but Isaac decided to go there instead) and my mom offered to watch Ayla. It worked out great- I got to get all sorts of sleep while in Texas, and my mom had Ayla sleeping through the night by the time we got back. Knock on wood, but Ayla has been sleeping eleven blessed hours straight the past few nights. And (very seriously) praise the Lord, I am finally able to enjoy this sweet little baby again.

Here she is doing what she does best- eat. I love this boon
spoon where you can mix rice cereal and dispense directly
into baby's mouth. Rice cereal two times a day = baby
sleeping through the night.

Ayla is so funny about her veggies and meat. She eats them,
but you can totally tell she doesn't care for them. Once she
has had enough she will start sucking on her foot as if to
tell me- my foot tastes better than that nasty stuff.

Ayla just goes with the flow. "Oh, you want to play soccer
with TJ while you hold me? Okay!"

"Don't mind me, I'll just take a nap."

Playing happily on the floor.

Ayla loves her carseat- that's where she takes some of her
longest naps. Here she is snoozing at the zoo.

After the zoo she got to play at the pool with Ella Grace.
EG can't resist those chubby cheeks, but who can blame her?

Here she is with big bro (borrowing EG and J's suits).

And here's all four of the little cuties.

And here they are again on 9/11. Just before heading to
the fire station to deliver the "special" cookie cake.
I love how Ella Grace and Ayla are having their own
little conversation there in the stroller. And so are the
boys. And so are the ladies.

We bought this jumperoo at the Sirman's yard sale a few
months ago and let me tell you- baby girl can jump. And
jump and jump and jump. I'm pretty sure the jumperoo
makes Ayla's day.

I am so in love my chubby baby girl!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TJ's 27th Month

What a fun age 27 months is! I love how he communicates everything to me, even when it isn't exactly what I want to hear- like how he "pushed Lucy down at Kids Club" or "put plastic cups in Julia's potty." He tells me if he made a good or a bad decision and if he chooses the latter he will run to time out and say sorry because I'm pretty sure he thinks time out is fun. Lately he has been "reading" books to himself, occasionally pretending to pick up objects from the book and give them to Ayla. Or he will bring me the book and ask, "who dat is?" while pointing to the characters. Every day TJ has a different "favorite" toy. He has a potty mouth and thinks it's hilarious to randomly say "poopoo" over and over. We saw a short stint of potty training regression after our trip to Texas, but he is back with the program now and loves to tell me "diapers for bebes, not for big boys like TJ." He does not like being in the dark, loves mints, and when doing just about anything he will push me away and say, "TJ do it by his self" (still a little bit of third person speech going on). He is one wild child and keeps the party going.

Here are some pictures of our big 27 month old:

Kaeme and Papa took TJ, Ayla, and I to the Naval Aviation
Museum in Pensacola. Here is TJ cautiously taking a step
inside one of the fighter jets. Once he was inside he jumped
right back out because the controls scared him.

Happy little Ayla sat inside and LOVED it, so TJ decided
he wanted to get back inside too. Can't let little sister
outdo him in the bravery department!

TJ is obsessed with Anna. He loves to get in her face and
make her growl. But lately when he does this, Anna has
been giving TJ kisses. I think it's all the treats he gives her
at the dinner table, which also has made Anna sick :(

We went to Texas to visit a friend and check out his dental
practice. On the way there we stopped at an oddball place
to eat- The Shed- in Mississippi, where TJ danced to a live
band and played on this bike.

While in Texas TJ got to spend lots of time with his friend,
Riley. They were so cute together.

Here they are playing in the pool in Riley's backyard.
 TJ had so much fun with Riley and all of his awesome toys.

Ever since the olympics, whenever TJ sees a bar he wants
to do "gymnastics." Railings at the store, at the park, or in
the public restroom next to the toilet- he's all over it. 

Trent bought TJ a little soccer ball and we built a goal for
him out of PVC pipes (right there in the middle of the aisle
at Lowes). Here he is practicing his skills at the park.

TJ LOVES Ayla. "Where's A-ya" is the first thing he asks
when he wakes up in the morning. All day long he is
entertaining her and giving her baby toys to play with
and taking away toys that he doesn't want her to "eat."

Here he is playing with Damon's amazing train table during
playgroup. We bought TJ the little 20 piece track for 10
bucks at IKEA and he loves it. He is really into putting
tracks and jigsaw puzzles together as of late.

TJ crashed Ayla's photo shoot with Elaine. Below are a few
more photos she took of just him.

Climbing on the chair- anything but smile and look at the
camera for Elaine. He is a wild one, but sure to keeps us
constantly entertained. 

He has a sweet side too, although he has never been as
affectionate as I would like. Every now and then he will
tell me, "I love you" and it makes my day.