Thursday, February 26, 2009

Forced Happiness?

I took a quiz online for my Strategy class yesterday that was supposed to be a freebie.
The instructions at the top of the page read "Just put True for everything to get full credit." However, like usual I skipped to the first question, at which point I got too excited to put False that I didn't even take the time to go back and read the instructions. I'm still laughing about this one.

And there you have it- at BYU, happiness is forced :)

So now you are wondering why I wasn't having a great day? When I pulled into the school parking lot I realized my water bottle and ipod nano were sharing spots in the center console by the e brake. The sad part was that my bottle was leaking, and my poor nano was slightly submerged. The water level was just high enough for it to seep in though the headphone hole, and after a brief period of flashing screens, my baby ipod no longer works. I wanted to try putting it in rice (supposedly it sucks out the water) but I had to go to class. I still think I should have gone home to try the rice :(

On a positive note, I have realized that days like yesterday make days like today seem a whole lot better. But then again, that doesn't really make yesterday worth it. Lets just hope my next post is positive, this pity me stuff three posts in a row is getting old really quick.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Cherry on Top

Saturday: The perfect ending to my sad sad week see the following post below. I was sick and in bed all day, but gradually got better and finally around 7 I was up for going to SLC for our valentines dinner. We went to the Restaurant at the Hilton because we had a gift certificate there. At we paid 4 bucks for a $25 gift card. I got to wear my most favorite pair of shoes with my new dress that my mom gave me for Christmas.The dinner was amazing, but the trip to Trent's parents afterwords was even more amazing. When we got out to our car we found the back passenger side tire to be severely lacking air, as it had leaked out though a small nail hole. We threw on the spare which we then discovered to be pretty low on air as well, but we decided we would keep it on and just drive very slowly until we reached the nearest gas station to fill it up. We only got about a half a mile before the spare went completely flat. We pulled over and called AAA. Luckily my parents still have me on their membership and we were able to get the car towed to a Chevron where we replaced our spare with the original and filled it up with enough air to make it to Trent's parent's house. Here are some pictures of me helping Trent change the tires.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sad, Sad week for Mrs. Savage

I can't remember the last time I cried two times in one week for purposes of self-pity, but this week proved to be the perfect week to do so.

Monday: after spending over an hour preparing imitation meatloaf for dinner (lentils, rice, chopped veggies, etc), I placed the casserole dish on an unknowingly hot stove eye and a few minutes later the dish burst into a million tiny little shards all over the kitchen floor. [insert self pity tears] On the up side my sweet husband whipped my tears and hugged me until my tears went away. And as an extra bonus we were able deep clean our kitchen which was very much needed.

Tuesday: While backing out of the driveway in the snow, I scrapped my neighbors car. I got out of the car, inspected the damage-- none to our car, a tiny little line of paint removed from their car-- then went and told the neighbors. I felt so bad cause my neighbors are the nicest people I could ever ask to live beneath, and although I wanted to cry in self pity I didn't have time. I was already running late to my dentist appointment with my friend who is learning how to become a hygienist. Combined with the horrible traffic due to the snow, I was 30 minutes late.

Friday: I couldn't breath all night, which in turn meant I couldn't sleep all night. Early in the morning I had the brilliant idea of taking my allergy medicine which enabled me to get into a deep deep sleep starting around 5 am. I was supposed to be in my stats lab at 9, so when I awoke from my deep sleep and noticed it was 9, I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes, and made it to my lab at 9:25ih. I was stuck on my last homework problem that everyone else had already finished when one of my classmates kindly asked me what I was working on and, well [insert self pity tears]. So embarrassing [insert more self pity tears here].

Recalling these stories just makes me laugh, and although sometimes I am tempted to cry when adversity hits, a better alternative is just to laugh.

Monday, February 2, 2009

grilling gone wrong

The last time we tried to fire up the bbq it wouldn't keep a big enough flame to cook anything. And the two times before that Trent singed off all the little hairs on his left wrist. The same wrist that was holding steady the lighter just below the little hole on the bottom of the grill.

Today I wasn't going to let our past mishaps repeat themselves.

My first plan was to call the 1-800 number on the front of our grill, but since they closed at 6 pm eastern time perhaps this is yet another thing to look forward to with the move, I had to fall back on plan #2: Read the grill instruction manual. In the manual I learned two lessons proving that perhaps it was worth it to store the manual for 2.7 years: first, the lid is supposed to be open when igniting the grill, and second, a match is required.

No matches in the savage household, was my first thought. I bought a three pack of pink lighters for the specific purpose of lighting our grill, and although that method worked for 2.7 years, my lighters were suddenly non substitutable for the old fashion match.

My second thought: It's a good thing Trent's sister gave us an emergency preparedness backpack for our wedding. This does constitute an emergency, right? what if I told you I had already formed the buffalo meat into patties? AND the buns were on the verge of going bad. Thats what I thought, emergency at its finest.

In my desperate frenzy to find matches, I came across a letter in one of the pockets of the emergency backpack. And you wouldn't believe what I found inside the envelope with the letter-- A Chili's gift card. What an amazing surprise.

So I scrapped the buffalo patties and near moldy buns, and we made a quick run to Chili's. I kid, of course. The match method worked and the burgers turned out great. Thanks Sabrina for saving us from a near catastrophe, and for the fabulous new found gift card!