Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ayla's 16th Month

I am so far behind in blogging that my memory is already foggy of my baby's 16th month. A couple of things that stand out the most are- first and foremost- her adorable waddle run. Her waddle is especially fabulous in her little yellow size 18-24 month swimsuit that she is way too big for. She shakes her booty and swings her arms all while stomping forward, it's one of Ayla's signature moves, along with her beauty queen wave. And that is what brings me to another stand out memory of Ayla's 16th month- she waved to everyone with that ever famous beauty queen wave. She didn't show preference for a particular gender, race, age, or if she's akin to ya' or not. She waved to ya' no mattter who you were, and I'm pretty sure it made your day. Or at least made you feel like you matter to somebody, because this little girl was certainly excited to see you today. Her smile is contagious, and so is her easy going nature. I love being Ayla's mom.

Ayla enjoyed having Grandma Doodle in town during Trent's graduation. She seemed to also enjoy her trip to Epcot with Grandma Doodle.

I was taking a ton of pictures of TJ trying to get him to smile, all the while Ayla was sitting patiently in her stroller with this big grin.

Ayla loves to be chased by TJ. She is constantly running away from me, which impels TJ to run after her. But that just makes her giggle louder and waddle faster because she absolutely loves to run and be chased. 

It was hard to use up our passes to Disney when the timeshare had so many fun thing to do right there. We spent a few days enjoying the many pools and splash pads on site.

Ayla loved all the attention from Grandma Doodle and Dad.

Ayla learned how to blow kisses. Although she won't repeat words when you ask her to, she will do things like "blow a kiss"  upon request.

I love this picture of Ayla with Grandpa Gene and TJ. And this right here is the little yellow swimsuit.

The Dental Graduation ceremony was long and boring, especially for Ayla. She fell asleep right afterwards, right when it was time for pictures. 

She eventually woke up, after taking pictures with my parents...

Trent's mom and sister...

And Trent's dad and step mom.

And then she got a picture with just Daddy. During her 16th month she was a big fan of Daddy. 100% Daddy's girl. 

After all the graduation festivities we spent another week in Orlando, this time going to Disney with the Sirmans. 

The line to see Tiger and Pooh was over an hour long. Sorry EG and Ayla, enjoy the view from here because, well, that's as close as you're gonna get.

While cheering the boys on in their race, Ayla fed EG a snack. Ayla really gets a kick out of putting things in other people's mouth- she thinks it's hilarious.