Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby's First Week

It has been quite the eventful week for Baby TJ. On Wednesday he met his cousin Stevie, Aunt Dana, and Uncle Andy.
And that night he had his first baby sitter- my mom watched him while Trent and I ran to Walmart. We were so nervous that he would get hungry while we were gone but of course he just slept the whole time.
On Thursday he had his first doctor's appointment where we found out he had lost 7 ounces putting him in the 32nd percentile for weight and 81st percentile for height. Oh, and his head circumference was in the 38th percentile- he was the small headed baby I had been dreaming of after all.
We were excited when they put us in the sports themed doctor's room :) Although he doesn't look too thrilled himself.
Everyday he has spent most of him time sleeping. Lots of sleeping and lots of eating.
On Saturday we gave him a sponge bath
he didn't really appreciate that.
But we had to get him cleaned up for his very first outing- a trip to the UF baseball game that evening.
Even though we were too late to make it inside the gate, he loved it! He didn't even cry during his diaper change.
On Sunday we got him dressed up for church in his cute submarine outfit even though we didn't actually go to church. Unfortunately he didn't keep this outfit on for too long because he peed through the diaper. It took Trent and I a week to figure out how to properly change a little boy's diaper. Swadlers work better than Huggies and you have to point the little pee pee down.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Savage has arrived

Our precious baby boy was born June 6th at 4:33 pm. He weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces and was 21 inches long. We named him Trent Jr. but we will call him TJ to keep everyone straight. Here is his story:
Saturday night I was one week past the due date and bored out of my mind. I decided to buy a box of hair dye at Walmart. Around 9:00, when I began the dying process, I started to feel the beginning of what became labor. An hour later I felt what I thought was another contraction. This went on though the night until 2:00 am, at which point I knew without a doubt that this was the real deal and decided to call the hospital. My midwife told me I could come to the hospital as soon as I wanted. However, I was too terrified of being turned away so I labored through the night and early morning until I decided I had had enough. We arrived at the hospital at 7:00 am and was dilated 6 centimeters. As soon as they gave me the okay for staying I requested the epidural. Best decision of my life. It went from hard contractions every couple of minutes to pure bliss.
We slept for several hours until I felt like I was ready to push. That's when it got incredibly painful. I pushed for what felt like 10 hours (but really was only an hour and a few minutes) and that was that. Trent cut the umbilical cord,
and the nurse cleaned him up,
and we spent the next 48 hours adoring our new baby son.
Then we left the hospital,
and we have enjoyed every minute of having him in our home.
I could stare at this little boy all day if sleeping and eating weren't a necessity. Hence the reason it took me so long to post his story, I have been way to busy trying to soak up as much of his itty bitty self as possible since I know it won't last long enough. I have been taking pictures though and will try to get some more posted soon.