Sunday, June 12, 2011

TJ's Twelfth Month

TJ turned one year old this month! He is no longer our little baby, but rather our little toddler on the run. He loves beaches, balls, being outside, and exploring. Not too much new this month, except that he's walking. He is still our sweet little boy who we love to death. TJ's twelfth month was a fun one since Trent has had lots of time off from school and we took lots of trips.

TJ's first trip of the month was spent in Daytona with the Sirmans to celebrate Stace and Trent's completion of their first two years of grad school. Two down and only two more to go...
TJ and Julian were so cute playing together in the sand.

Trent and Stace tossed the ball while the little boys played and the girls chatted/took pictures.

TJ loves to eat sand.

Kim and Stace even took a little family picture of us on the beach. Still can't thank them enough for bringing their camera since we completely forgot ours.

After spending a couple days at the beach we decided to hit up the local water park since mom's get in for free on Mother's day and Trent had a free pass too.
As a side note, TJ took his very first half micro step to me. On Mother's day.

The next week TJ and I took a road trip up to Williamsburg, VA with my parents.
We drove through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, before making it to Virgina. I was so worried about the 15 hour drive with TJ, but he did amazing.
We came prepared with a DVD player, checked out DVDs and books from the library, and of course lots of snacks and formula. When he wasn't sleeping, my mom was back there entertaining him, since, let's be honest, she's better at that than me.

Before making it to Virgina, we stopped at a little country store in North Carolina. We got to see lots of tractors, sit on tractors, take pictures with tractor wheels, and even eat ice cream churned by a tractor???

Colonial Williamsburg was...well... interesting. I can't think of the right word to describe it. This little town reminds us of what it was like to live a long time ago. My mom made the whole trip much more interesting by just being my mom. Here she is quenching this poor horse's thirst.

My dad made the trip more interesting by filling us in on all the history that we either a) weren't taught or b) forgot.

Photo opportunity in the flowers with a little confederate flag in the background.

Another picture taken by my mom the photographer outside of a church in Colonial Williamsburg.

Another shot in Colonial Williamsburg.

My mom bought one of these head tickler things at one of the shops in Williamsburg. TJs reaction was priceless- everytime he would shrivel up and giggle like crazy.

After spending a day in Williamsburg we were ready to venture out into the big city. We were headed to the nation's capitol, a trip my parent's promised to take me on ever since I missed the school trip in 8th grade.

When we first parked in DC and were walking towards the Capitol building from Union Station we stopped at every site on the way and said something along the lines of, "Oh! The Russell Senate Office building! We have to get a picture!" This slowly faded and we picked up the pace, making it through the national mall in about 5 hours.

Never in my life have I seen more police, than here in DC. They were friendly, gave out stickers, and even smiled for pictures. But even more importantly, they were always there to give us directions. And protect our nation's capitol.

Chasing TJ around the Capitol.

Sitting here on Capitol Hill.

Walking around the WWII Memorial.

He really wanted to take a dip in the pool of water which happened to be surrounded by tons of little signs that ask you to respect the monument by not getting in the water.

TJ did so good all day as we strolled from sight to sight. It was a long day but he didn't ever complain- he just took a nap when he got tired.

My mom's photographic masterpiece- reflections at the Vietnam Memorial wall. Engraved are all the names of those who died during the war.

Last stop: Arlington National Cemetery. It was here that we learned about an $80 tour bus that takes you to all the stops in DC and throughout the cemetery. Wish we would have stopped here first.

On our way back to Williamsburg we drove by the DC temple where my parents were sealed 30 years ago. Like all other pictures of the DC temple, this one with my parents in front just doesn't do the size justice. I was shocked by how enormous this temple is.

Williamsburg is in between Yorktown and Jamestown. Think: Pocahontas and John Smith. Except she didn't really marry John Smith- she married John Rolfe. We spent one day each visiting these towns.

Tickling TJ in Pocahontas' church. She was converted to Christianity you know...

TJ with a cannon protecting the fort where Pocahotas lived

Walking next to the fort.

Trying to get into another memorial pool, this time in Jamestown.

We took a ferry from Jamestown to Williamsburg.

TJ and I flew home from DC to Orlando. Before heading out we met up with my cousin at the Holocaust Museum. It's a shame I don't have any pictures of a) TJ screaming his head off at the museum or b) me trying to keep TJ on my lap and off the man and woman we were squished in between for the two hour flight. It could have served as a reminder to never fly again with TJ and without Trent.

Trent picked us up in Orlando and took us to Siesta Key Beach. It was beautiful.

TJ played while Trent and I took turns laying out.

And then TJ fell asleep and we both got to lay out. Beautiful.

When we got home a few friends and I took our babies to the splash park.
This was our attempt at getting a group shot of the kids. Fail.

And Trent and I took a few trips to the pool with TJ.

Memorial day weekend we took a family trip to St. Pete Beach.
We stayed at the Island Grand Resort thanks to a super hotwire hookup.

We got there early enough Monday to have a whole day at the beach before officially checking in, then packed a lunch the next day in order to have another full day at the beach before heading home.

TJ enjoys the gulf water because it's warmer with fewer waves.

And he always enjoys a hole to climb in and out of.

Trent and I played volleyball while TJ refereed.

We finished off the month with an Anniversary trip for Trent and I... more on that later.