Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If it ain't broke don't fix it?

That's the motto I usually follow. That is, at least, this past month when our car's battery died twice but I opted to wait until it was 100% broken before getting it replaced. Of course the second Trent goes out of town it dies again. Not once. But twice. For a grand total of four times in one month.

After having a whole parking lot full of people try to jump my car (at least I am certain it is 100% dead now), 50 minutes later I am at Auto Zone with my new battery. I went straight there, didn't want to run the risk of having to get my car jumped 3 times in one day. Being the over-the-top thrifter (new word, but it works) that I am, I decided to call around before going though with the transaction. Checkers. Pep Boys. Ray's Campus. All the same price, give or take 2 bucks, but Auto Zone's warranty was the best. Plus I was already there. 

And just when I thought I had found a great deal, they told me they were out of the particular battery they had quoted me on, so they gave me the next best one for the same price. Thats right ladies and gentlemen-- a three year warranty for the price of two!

Call me crazy but that just about made my day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vay guess, Flow read ah, and Air ah zone ah RECAP

Another picture montage of something. If you haven't noticed- this is how we do it on the Savage blog.
As aforementioned, our sweet room in Vegas.

Here we are at the hotel pool. We had to get a picture when I noticed we matched the pillows!

Here we are at the dolphin exhibit

and again, see the dolphins?

Here's Trent after the tour/interview at UF. The interview was much more laid back than expected, and to keep it short and sweet- we both had a good time.

and the after party

In Tallahassee, most of our time was spent in my parent's pool

Warner loved beating up on Trent, and we had so much fun just being around Warner (and the rest of the family)
Warner and Rylee are so cute playing together

Here is part of the Sirmans/Lunt gang at the Tallahassee Car Museum.

And here is cute little Andrew, Warner, and Emme on the ever-so-exciting train ride at the car museum.

And then we went to Arizona where Trent interviewed at Midwestern and Amanda dyed my hair
It turned out pretty good- thanks Amanda!! Gotta love the fish look.

And just before we headed to the airport to fly home we stopped by my Grandmas for a quick visit and dinner.

Lucky Winners

Trent's Grandma called us up a little past noon on Saturday the sixth to tell us about a Grand Opening event she had read about in the newspaper. It was at Deseret First Credit Union in Provo and they were giving out free stuff, at minimum she said we could get a free hamburger. However, the event ended at two o'clock so we had to hurry over. We got there around one and enjoyed a free hamburger. Then we went inside to open two separate accounts so that we could each get the 50 dollar deposit for opening a new account. We were way excited about our free one hundred bucks
We also set up direct deposit which enabled us to pick out a free ipod once our first check appeared in our account. Trent hasn't gone into redeem his, but when I went in I drew the shuffle. I never thought I would want a shuffle since there is no screen, its too small, etc. But when I opened it up and saw the cute little charging dock I instantly fell in love. It is too cute:
Lastly, we put our name into a drawing for one of the following: a trip to Disney Land, a big screen TV, or a MacBook.
They called me up last Monday to tell me that I won the MacBook! Crazy I know- who knew people actually won those things! Trent also lucks out by getting my (2 year-) old laptop. Still adjusting to the whole mac thing but I know I will fall in love soon enough.