Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lesson Learned

We did some laundry last week and forgot to check the pockets... now we have little blue ink spots all over everything from the colors load. There are two possible lessons to be learned from this experience- 1) Always check all pockets before throwing cloths in the wash or 2) Don't own anything nice that would tempt you to cry over it when it is ruined.

The interesting thing about lesson #1 is that I have learned that lesson plenty of times in the past, in fact, I vividly remember saying to my self (as I do every time I put in a load)- I should check these pockets, but then I noticed all 50 of the cargo pockets on some of Trent's shorts and decided to be lazy and take a chance that they were empty. Of course you know that they were not empty.

The good thing about lesson #2 is that I didn't have anything that I cared about too much from the wash, although a couple of Trent's nicer shirts were ruined. I didn't think about this lesson until the ink spotted clothes laid in piles all over our room for a week (as I tried to figure out how to salvage the clothes and which ones to attempt it on) and the home teachers came over and gave us a lesson on not worrying about the material things in life. In addition to the inked up clothes, we have had some other stuff in the recent past that we have ruined- the Brita filter, the blender jar, the top of our table, ink spill on the car seat, etc. and I am convinced that there is a definite vantage to having nothing nice- you don't have to stress over it getting ruined. Living without anything nice comes so natural to us now that we are living the poor college student life, but what about when we aren't as poor- will the advantages of having nice things out weigh the burden that they cause when they are lost? Let me think about that for a second, um, I think soooo. Okay, so scratch lesson #2. Does anyone have any ideas for removing ink from clothes and/or car seats??

Introducing My New Favorite Blog... I was reading the SL Tribune online a couple of days ago and came across this article (or this article from is even better) about the above named blog and I thought it sounded hilarious so I hopped on over to the URL and took a gander. The first few posts cracked me up so I ended up reading every single posts on the dang thing. Highly recommended, you have to check it out :) Some of the highlights include: bazillions of exclamation points used in each post, ending lines like "love ya!" on most posts, nicknames for JJWT (AngelBiscuit, Stallion, etc), acronyms for anything and everything you can think of, oh and btw, do me a favor and make sure to let me know if I EVER start sounding like TAMN!

We got a Wii!!

Earlier this year we bought a projector off the internet, mostly for purposes of watching football and basketball games on the big screen (we ordered it during March Madness), but sometimes we are nerds and use it to study PowerPoints... Anyway, ever since we've had the projector we have thought about how fun it would be to use with a Wii. We had our friends bring over their Rockband to play on the projector a while back and that's what pushed us over the edge, we decided it was too fun to live without.
Now that we have started to play the Wii on the projector we can't revert back to using our tiny TV, its not nearly as fun. So, needless to say, we are getting a LOT more use out of our projector. We pretty much battle it out every night with Wii Sports. We are especially big fans of Golf and Tennis. Up until about 10 minutes ago I hadn't lost to Trent ever in golf, which is kinda funny because he taught me everything I know about golf... And with Tennis I have to admit Trent is a tiny bit better than me, but it is fun to play because we are closely matched so we usually get really into it and end up sweating, etc. Which is exactly why I justify my new addiction, its such a great "workout," right? Regardless of how little/big of a workout it is, you have to admit it is way cooler than any other video game.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Kalil!

Little Miss K turned 1 today! She is growing up so fast and is into everything. Here she is getting into my moms suitcase,

Wearing big girl swimmies,
And riding in a big girl car seat.

If you want to see more pictures of Kalil, feel free to visit her own personal blog here.

Happy Birthday Kalil!

Monday, July 7, 2008

What are the odds...

That I would misdial a number and actually know the person I accidentally called.
This situation left me very confused a few moments ago. I called Kinko's to see if they knew the name of the bookstore right next to their store. When I looked up their number on google I found:

Kinko's phone #: 801-377-1791

But I accidently called:

Lady from my church phone #: 801-377-1797

Luckily she didn't answer, so at this point I figured Kinko's wasn't open yet. I left the room for a minute and return to find one missed call and a new voicemail. It was the lady from my church that I know very well. She said she was sorry she had missed my call...

I thought maybe she was a little crazy, or that she had read her caller ID wrong since I *thought* I hadn't called her in weeks. But then I do a little research and come to find out I'm the crazy one who doesn't know how to read numbers and/or properly dial them on a telephone.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Miley RoCkS

enough said

Of course not- let me back up. Every Fourth of July there is a concert at BYU's football stadium, called Stadium of Fire. I think last year it was Brooks and Dunn (brought back some serious memories of me and candace) but this year there was Miley. There was also Blue Man Group and Glenn Beck as the host. And of course there were fireworks at the end of the show. Sounded like an interesting mix of entertainment, and to be honest, I secretly wanted to partake. But the tickets sold out within a couple of hours of being available, plus they were soo expensive. For these reasons I decided to apply to work at the Stadium of Fire, so I set up an appointment to interview. When I told Trent that I had an interview it was the day before he took the DAT and it didn't seem to phase him.
Once the DAT was over Trent began to realize what I was doing to him. Everyday I would do everything in my power to convince him to work the event with me. Finally after a few days of haggling, he said he would. I called the special events office and set up an interview for him (the second to last interview slot, Ill have you know).
On the days leading up to the concert all I heard from Trent was how UNexcited he was to WORK on the holiday. Then, after training, I decided I wasn't as excited as I once was either. So I did everything I could to get us excited. I even bought Miley Cyrus fruit snacks.
We showed up three hours before the show began and there was already a line backed up to the street. We sat there and let VIP people though the gate and one hour later began letting ticketed guests in as well. Time went by really fast the two hours prior to when the show began as I hurriedly scanned tickets and Trent checked everyone's bags for food/firearms.
About 30 minutes into the show we began to be of no use since everyone had already entered the Stadium, so we took breaks and watched the show.
Glenn Beck was the first to enter the stage and all I have to say about his words are: very interesting, very patriotic, and very enthusiastic. Then there was Blue Man Group, very interesting performance by them. They use pipes to play music, and, well, it was just weird.Then there was the star that everyone was waiting for, Miley. She cracked me up the whole time. I can't explain why exactly. But it was fun. Much more fun than Trent and I ever expected. Trent even admitted to it.Oh and the Fireworks.
The wind was blowing in the wrong direction so all the fireworks fell straight into the stadium. I think people got a little upset when they were looking straight up and the ashes fell in their eyes. A few pieces that were still on fire landed a few feet from us. It was pretty neat.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

+ E (Adie)

Last Saturday Trent and I were going to go up to Salt Lake for some shopping/golfing but plans fell though so we decided to go to the water park instead. We knew it was going to be a VERY hot day so we were excited to spend the day in the sun and by the water. We also knew it would be even more fun if we brought Adie, Trent's sister's baby, along with us. This definitely proved to be the case, plus we blended in much better with a child. Trent was able to finish reading his play for humanities while I entertained Adie in the kids pool. She loved splashing around, especially since she could also listen to music which always gets her excited. I was hoping to post the pictures we took sooner, but since they were taken with a disposable camera I had to wait to get them developed (that also explains the poor image quality).

After the water park closed we went to some stores to make a few returns and buy an outfit for Adie. The entire day she was wonderful, just very laid back and content. She was so worn out by the time we got back from shopping that I was able to rock her to sleep in my arms after singing only one or two songs. But I kept singing because it was so fun to hold her in my arms while she slept! After playing with Adie that day I thought I might could handle having a child sometime in the future, just maybe.