Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

TJ found an Easter basket on the fireplace after church today



The aftermath:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TJ's Tenth Month

Here is a glimpse of what TJ has been up to during his tenth month:

Going on walks
Sometimes we get a little stir crazy after playing in doors for too long so we pack up and take a stroll down the street. It doesn't matter the destination, it's the walk that TJ likes the most.

Climbing stairs
One of TJ's favorite places to play is on the stairs. Despite the fact that we have a gate at the top and the bottom, somehow TJ always knows when we forget to shut one and he quickly crawls over to do some climbing. So far he only knows how to go up, although we are working on teaching him how to go down backwards.

Doing tricks
We are also teaching him how to keep his hands up on defense. I joke of course, what he is actually doing is "Touchdown!" which was his favorite trick of the month. Another trick he learned this month is "high five" and how to shoot a basket.

Beach/pool trips
We took our first beach trip of the year to Jacksonville Beach to meet up with my mom who was spending the day with Stevie.

TJ and Stevie loved feeding the seagulls.

And they loved playing in the sand pit.

At one point TJ even tried to drink the water/mud, just like he occasionally does in his bath tub. I thought the bath water was gross enough, but this has got to be much, much worse.

He also enjoyed playing in the ocean.

Until a big wave came and almost swept him away!

Don't worry, I was right there to save him :)

It was a very fun, relaxing day at the beach. I love how Stevie helped push the little red wagon all the way back to his home.

Trips to the park
Irene and Starleigh introduced TJ and I to a new park that we had never been to near their house.

This is Irene with her adorable baby number two, Damon.

And here is Sawyer and Christian, the big boys that TJ wants to be like.

Many, many baths
TJ continues to love bath time. But what's even better than a bath by yourself? A bath with your best bud, Julian, of course! They had so much fun splashing around together.

It is crazy to me how close in size they are getting, even though Julian is 6 months older. That gap seemed huge at first, but now that they are in the same size clothes, diapers, etc. they seem so close.

TJ is still a great eater, except now he can feed him self. Trent watched TJ while I went to a baby shower earlier this week and for dinner Trent gave TJ a bowl of macaroni and cheese on the floor and let him have at it. He actually does a pretty good job at feeding himself without making too much of a mess.

Spending time with Grandparents
My parents came down for conference weekend and helped me do some painting and rake my back yard. Of course TJ and my mom's dog, Anna, were right in the middle of it all.

He is all boy. Loves to be dirty.

TJ continues to make us happier than ever. He is a really good baby with a very full personality. This past month has been easier for me because he fell into a good sleeping routine, with two, two hour naps and 10-12 blissful hours of continuous sleep at night. It seems that trend was only for his tenth month because the last couple days he was up and ready to party before the sun. Boo.