Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dental School Family Day

This past weekend TJ and I had the opportunity to attend Family Day with Trent at his school. Of course what excited me the most was dressing TJ up in the little scrubs that I made for him before he was born. Paired with shoes that are identical to Trent's, I do believe TJ looked like a true junior.

At the family day we met some of Trent's classmates, toured the school, watched a slideshow that recapped their past year of fun, and listened to a couple of their professors speak. One in particular, Dr. Ottenga, had me laughing so hard that I shed tears when he showed this clip. enjoy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Katie's Visit

My good friend, Katie, came to visit all the way from San Francisco. You might recognize her from my facebook profile pic. She graduated with me in the accounting program at BYU, and also TAed with me in the accounting lab. We spent a lot of time together senior year, studying, eating, and talking on the phone. I think the world of this girl, and just in case any single guys happen to be reading this blog- may I mention that she is single :) Since she flew into Jacksonville, we spent the night with my brother and sister and hit up the beach the next day. I was a little worried about taking TJ since he was only 5 weeks old, but he absolutely loved it it. The sound of the waves crashing and the warm weather kept him nice and cozy under the umbrella that Andy and Dana let us borrow.
That evening when we got back to Gainesville we met Kim, Stace, and their happy little baby, Julian, at Chick-fil-a to get some free chicken. Kim made the cutest little spotted onsie for TJ which earned us a free milkshake. Kim also cut out all these spots for us, Trent printed the signs, and we found the cow hats at the table next to us. It is always a fun time with Kim and Stace.
During the remainder of Katie's visit we spent lots of time watching chick flicks in bed, sleeping in, shopping (which we discovered TJ enjoys if carried in his Baby Bjorn) and catching up on life. Katie bought TJ the cutest little red and blue flip flops from Baby Gap (pictured below). We ran out of time and didn't think we would be able to go see the Alligators, but Katie's flight ended up being delayed three hours so we ran over to Paines Prairie, which happens to be pretty close to the airport, during the wait. While that seemed like a fantastic plan, it ended up being kinda scary, but thanks to the park ranger we managed to make it out of the park alive not to mention with a couple of photos for proof that Katie actually saw alligators while in Florida (note to self- never ever go to see the Alligators with out Trent). Sometimes when Katie was still asleep in the morning I would dress TJ up and take pictures of him just for fun. The green shirt below is an old Lacoste shirt that my brother, Alex, wore when he was a baby. The rattle he loves to hold onto is a Lunt Silver rattle that my mom buys for all her grandchildren. The family picture was taken courtesy of Katie, and the picture of him smiling is one of the few we have been able to capture with the camera even though he has been smiling since the first of this month.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

TJ's first month

Just a quick picture post to recap all of the fun things Baby TJ has been up to during his first month. Some of the highlights include:

-First trip to Tallahassee
-Meeting my brother, Alex's family, as well as my mom's mom, Meme for the first time
-First Father's day (TJ gave Trent a Gator counting book)
-First visit from Aunt Elaine and Ellie
-Meeting Trent's mom and having her feed him his first bottle

-Meeting our friends, Jeff, Stacey, and Cheyenne Bennum visiting from Georgia
-Going to Godfather's pizza buffet with the Bennums
-First walk to the park with Cheyenne and Stacey
-First trip to see the Alligators at Paines Prairie

-First Fourth of July- a day full of festive food with the Bennums
-Watching fireworks in Alachua
-First trip to church