Sunday, June 30, 2013

TJ's 36th Month

TJ turned three years old this month. Lately he has been really into books, stories, and TV. He likes to "read" books by looking at the pictures and telling the story, or memorizing the words and "reading" them. He loves to tell stories and have stories told to him. He doesn't, however, tell stories to lie, in fact, he usually rats himself out before I even notice what he has done wrong. He regularly requests to play  I-spy (as in, every other second, if he is bored), but he also loves to play hide-and-go-seek, puzzles, catch, basketball, and tag. He loves his TV shows, especially Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Jake, and the Letter Factory which successfully taught him all of his letter sounds. He also can identify all of his upper and lower case letters and loves to point them out when he sees them. It was a fun month and he was able to get lots of time in the pool to practice his swimming. He also recently learned how to do splits and loves to practice those along with his other gymnastics "tricks."

TJ finished up his swimming lessons with a bang. He overcame his fear and learned lots of new tricks.

Some of his new tricks he taught himself- like this one "monkey-ing" along the side of the pool to get to the steps. He is always thinking of something new to try and then says, "look at me Mom!"

He loved his swim teacher, Ms. Lauren. And she was so complementary of TJ too. She said he was so strong and a natural swimmer. She said she wished all her students were like TJ.

We spent a week down in Orlando with Trent's family. Here we are at Epcot where we met up with the Hurst's.

TJ enjoyed walking along the edge of this flower bed over and over again.

We all enjoyed the pool at the time share. If water is envolved TJ is usually a happy camper.

TJ practiced his swimming.

And rode the slides with Dad.

Trent graduated from Dental School. TJ probably didn't understand what his dad had accomplished, but he gave him a high-five anyway.

After his parent's left town we spent another week in Orlando, this time using up our Disney water park passes.

TJ was pretty brave to try all the water slides he was tall enough for. Some of them he said he liked but had no desire to ride again, but this one he was obsessed with. He rode it probably twenty times.

We also went to Magic Kingdom with the Sirmans. Of course TJ had a blast, I'm not sure of many things in TJ's mind that can top going to Disney with his best friend.

We stayed and played from noon until dark. They fell asleep just after the electric parade, but that didn't stop the adults from staying to watch the fireworks and ride the taller than 42 inch rides. 

On TJ's actual birthday his cousins came over with a cookie cake and homemade cards.

TJ was not very happy when I told him he had to make a wish before blowing out the candles. Rylee knew just what to say to cheer him up, "just do what I do, TJ- blow the candles without making a wish!"

And that's exactly what he did. Happy birthday to my big three year old with no wishes to wish for.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ayla's 15th Month

There are lots of reasons I'm so far behind in posting Ayla's 16th month, but one of them is the fact that I didn't take a single picture of her during her 16th month! My mom had her for a week in Tallahassee while we were packing up the house in Gainesville, and luckily she snapped a few with her iPhone to text to Trent and I. The above was my mom's favorite- on their way to Tallahassee they took a break from driving to look at the flowers. 

She is very much a climber. She figures out how to climb up everything, but it wasn't until this month that she learned how to climb down the stairs.

She loves babies and baby dolls. She likes to show it by smothering them with kisses.

With my second  child I have been way less on top of the making-sure-baby-meets-her-milestones game.  While in Tallahassee Ayla was given her own utensils to feed herself for the very first time!

Now she demands utensils at mealtime and refuses to be fed by anyone but herself. She is surprisingly good at getting the food on the fork and to her mouth considering the little amount of practice she has accumulated.

My mom dressed little Rose in one of my old outfits.

It's kinda hard to see, but this is my dad holding me in the very same outfit :)

Her favorite game this month was lining up the holes, stacking the rings, dumping it over, then doing it all over again. She is so proud of herself everytime!

Ayla learned lots of new things this month. Here she is figuring out how to zip her zipper.

She also learned how to do somersaults. Just say the word and she is bowed over with her hands on the floor. Here she is showing off her new skills for Kaeme on the iPad. I need to take more videos, and pictures for that matter!