Sunday, August 15, 2010

In other news

Busting out some not-so-exciting posts just as fast as my fingers can type. What else do you do when your baby sleeps for 6 hours straight. I wouldn't know, it's never happened before. I spent the first two hours taking a nap myself, the next two cleaning, and then another two talking to my mom on the phone. And now I am vomiting words just for the sake of posting more posts. Last week TJ had his first round of shots. I was really worried about them, thinking it would make my baby sick and then I would have to figure out how to help a sick child feel better, but to my surprise he only cried for a second after he got pricked and hasn't shown any signs of sickness since.
Notice that chub on my boy's leg. Yep, he is gaining weight. He dropped off the charts in weight a couple weeks ago and even after taking pills to increase my milk supply I was told I was starving my child (they never said it like that, but essentially that's what I was doing) and have begun supplementing with formula. And boy howdy does that formula work. He gobbles it down like there's no tomorrow and his thighs are starting to show it. And his belly. And his checks.

In other news, my dad came down to work on some Heritage books with me of his China adventures. But what really ended up happening is he fed the baby a bottle (and another, and another) while I worked on the books.

And just one more piece of news that might not be super exciting to you, but I will include just because I happened to have taken a picture of it- TJ discovered his reflection. What did he do? He cried. Most babies coo and cah and giggle when they look at themselves in the mirror. Mine cried.
This is him in the swing that Kim, Stace, and Julian are letting us borrow (thank you, thank you, thank you). It has a mirror in the middle of the mobile. I have been trying to get him to look at the mobile for weeks, by tapping on it, telling him to look at it (that never works), but today he decided to do it on his own. And now I am wishing he hadn't since he isn't super fond of the way he looks. I'm hoping this doesn't ruin his liking for the swing because in the past he has loved it. I seriously can't thank Kim and Stace enough for letting us borrow it.
Life Saver.

See those chubby checks? Further proof that my baby is back on the charts.

Vintage Revisted

A long, long time ago Amanda bought some overalls from the Gap for her cabbage patch doll. A couple decades later these little guys showed up in a bag full of clothes that Amanda gave me when she found out I was having a boy.

I'm thinking this sleepy little boy looks like his daddy.

Green Smoothies

Trent's Sister, Sabrina, introduced us to one of my newest favorite treats this past week when she was in town- green smoothies.
All you do is blend fresh spinach with water until pureed, then add all the normal smoothie ingredients, like frozen bananas, berries, etc. A couple spoonfuls of frozen orange juice concentrate is especially helpful in masking the spinach flavor. Although I was very skeptical at first, I have been hooked ever since my first taste, and have been sharing it with everyone who comes to my house.
Rex couldn't get enough of his, but Kalil kept saying she hated it- probably because she helped me make it and knew what was in it. Later on Amanda put some in her juice bottle where she couldn't see the color and she downed it!
And here is a bonus picture just because it is cute. My mom loves her grand babies.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TJ's second month

Amanda and Kalil were finally able to come to Florida to meet TJ! Kalil is such a cutie and is going to be such a good big sister to her brother who is due in December. We already have a trip planed to see him in January- I am sure TJ and Ryker Jr. are going to be best buds!
My parents came down the Saturday before TJ's blessing and took all of the grandkids (minus Stevie who got sick the day before) to Wild Waters. TJ just sat in the shade the whole time eating. And the other picture is of Rex, Rylee, Kalil, and Warner, all dressed and ready to go to the water park.
The following Tuesday Trent, my dad, and Trent's stepdad went deep sea fishing. Trent was the only one to catch a grouper, evidently it wasn't a great day to go fishing but Trent loved just riding around in the boat getting sun. And the other picture is of him making TJ smile, something he is always trying to do.
The rest of the week we spent with Trent's family. We took them to see the Alligators, hung out at their condo in Palm Coast, played put-put, and went to the beach. Adie and Chase had so much fun playing in the sand/water, and TJ had fun sleeping. Other than eating and swinging, the beach is the only thing that will put that boy to sleep.