Sunday, March 6, 2011

TJ's Ninth Month

TJ turned 9 months old today. It is crazy how quickly this little guy of ours is growing up. To illustrate, here are some pictures of the big boy things TJ is learning how to do:

-Throw temper tantrums when he is done eating
TJ learned how to shake his head no when he is finished eating. If you try to offer just one more spoonful he might give you a mini tantrum in response. For a second, I thought our little 8 month old was going on the terrible 2 years rather than the easy 9 months that he was supposed to be. Turns out he was just feeling terrible and when he has a fever he doesn't have an appetite.

-Use sippy cups to drink water and milkTJ does great with sippy cups. It works better than a bottle for his style of "drinking on the go". He sips for a second, then plays with the nearest toy in sight. Five seconds later he's back to the sippy cup. Repeat, and repeat.

-Wear big boy ties to churchI woke up last Sunday with the idea of making a tie for TJ out of the tuxedo tie Trent wore when we got married. A few cuts and stitches later, and TJ had his very first tie to match Daddy!

-Unload the dishwasherIf you remember, last month it became my goal to teach TJ how to help do the dishes. Turns out- he is no good. He has to taste each utensil before unloading it, and rather than putting them in the proper drawer, he just chucks them on the floor. Loading? Forget about it.

-Walk with his walker
I have a video of this but I can't figure out how to upload it and/or crop out all the boring parts. I did manage to upload the whole 3 minute version to youtube... if you are interested in seeing it maybe there is a way of searching for a specific username- mine is thewildsavages, and the video is called TJ with walker.

Despite the fact that TJ had another ear infection this month, topped off with several fevers and a lingering cough, not to mention a painful allergy test...
we still managed to have lots of fun. We took as many walks as possible to soak up the perfect weather, and by the end of February we were enjoying the pool with Mikheal across the street.
He wanted to get in the water so bad, but his facial expression shows how much he liked the cold water on his toes.

TJ and I also hitched a ride up to Tallahassee with Kim (thanks girl!) and we were able to spend some quality time with grandparents and cousins:

Watching TV with Uncle Alex and Warner

TJ got to attend his first basketball game- Warner's YMCA league of 5 year olds. TJ was clapping for him the whole time and loving it! To see some of Warner's sweet moves, check out my sister-in-law's blog here.

TJ loved spending time with Kaeme and Papa. Kaeme taught TJ how to blow bubbles in the bath tub. This little boy loves the water, I can't wait for the pool water to warm up because I'm pretty sure he's going to love it.
TJ even got some one-on-one time with Papa when my mom and I went out shopping. My dad said he liked to swing with him- so cute! Just before we left my dad took him out for one last swing so that I could pack up. Just a few minutes after I took this picture they were both fast asleep.

Trent's spring break just began. We were able to kick off the week with an all you can eat pancake breakfast at Steak n' Shake. TJ even got to try some pancakes as part of his free meal. Wohoo!

We didn't take a ton of pictures this month (several of these pictures were taken from Trent's camera phone). I probably stuck a thermometer up TJ's bum more times than I flashed the camera in his face. However, I do have one last picture to get us pumped up for March Maddness.
Let's here it for the Gators, Noles, AND Cougars! Don't be fooled by his outfit, we will be cheering for them all!