Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My poor little puppy

Ever since we got back from Utah, TJ has been a bit whiny. Actually, a lot whiny. He used to cry when he wanted something, but this past week he decided to give whining a try. I am hoping it is due to teething, rather than something more serious, like an ear infection, that I am ignoring. Anyways, the point is, I had a dream that we traded in our sweet baby boy for a whinny little puppy. I found it kind of ironic when there was a real life puppy whining outside TJ's window this morning- the whining of course was picked up on TJ's baby monitor and projected into my bedroom. The whole time I thought it was my baby-traded-in-for-a-puppy
waking up from his slumber. When I finally rolled myself out of bed to check on said puppy, I was happy to find a sleeping baby in his crib with that pesky puppy outside. Later this morning, when I set TJ on the floor to play, he got on his hands and knees and proceeded to lick the tile. Am I still dreaming or did I really trade TJ in for a puppy??
On a positive note, TJ is coughing less. I forgot to mention this in my last post, but for the past 5 weeks or so, TJ has been sick with a nasty cold/bronchiolitis/asthma/too-young-to-diagnose wheezing. They gave him a nebulizer which he HATES, and said it should help the problem within 20 minutes. More like 20 days. Times two. But he is getting better, which means we don't have to do this as often:

Poor little puppy

Friday, January 7, 2011

TJ's Seventh Month

TJ is such a trooper. During his seventh month he happily went along with our 5 plane rides, one 9 hour Greyhound bus ride (gasp!), countless car rides, and all the crazy cold weather these rides took us to. This month he learned how to scoot on his bum, but quickly decided crawling would be even more fun. But after hours and hours of practicing, he hasn't mastered the skill quite yet. He did master holding his own bottle, now if only he could change his own diaper I would be set.

Here is a list of 10 highlights this month, in chronological, rather than hierarchical order :)

#1: The Greyhound bus ride
In order to save a few hundred dollars, Trent and I booked our flights to Vegas rather than Salt Lake. We then convinced Trent's dad, who works for Greyhound, to bid his run to Vegas so that we could hitch a ride with him up to Salt Lake. It turned out to be a great adventure, and TJ loved every second of it. We sat in the front seats so we were able to chat with Trent's dad, as well as look out the big front windshield at all the flooding rivers, as well as the aftermath of a huge snow storm. For nine hours straight.

#2: Spending time with Cousins
Adie was great at getting TJ to laugh by showering him with all sorts of attention. After seeing how good Adie (and Kalil) were with TJ, I am convinced that 3 years is a good gap for having kids.
Chase and TJ in their matching PJs. It was adorable seeing Chase voluntarily give TJ hugs.

Kalil loved snuggling with TJ, sharing her toys with him, as well as wrestling him to the ground just for fun. She is such a funny little girl.

#3: Opening presents
With Trent's Mom's family
With Trent's Dad's family
With Trent's Step Dad's family
And also with my family, except those pictures are on my sister's camera.

#4: Spending time with the Sirmans Clan
I loved watching Sally and Tice's girls debate over who's turn it was to hold TJ next, evidently similar debates were held between Sally and Tice when I was a baby.

The whole clan minus Tice.

#5: Heiner family Christmas party
TJ loved meeting all of Trent's mom's side of the family at their annual Christmas get together. It was so fun to see all the cousins gather into one living room and watch their Grandparents open Christmas presents, I wish I had a picture of that.

#6: Playing in the Snow
Immediately after the first snow fall we ran outside to play.
And build a snowman. I love the curiosity in TJ's eyes
Family picture with the snowman.

#7: Catching up with old friends
It was so nice of Katie and Joe to stop by and spend the morning with us before heading back to California. We are really hoping to see them again this summer.
TJ loved little Sawyer, Jake and Alisha's boy who is exactly 6 months older than TJ. Trent and I couldn't stop talking about how cute he was with his adorable little expressions and big blue eyes. Jake was Trent's main study buddy at BYU. Alisha and I would craft while they studied. It's funny because when I think back to all the things we did together we rarely saw a success, but we had so much fun in the process (geocashing for several geos- but we never once found one, several days spent crafting a single rug- which wasn't nearly as easy or cute as Martha made it seem, and of course our trips to the golf course where Alisha and I found it to be more fun to gather stray golf balls in the bushes and then being chased off the course before the boys could finish their round)

I don't have a picture of Katie Bahme and I, but Trent's mom was so kind to watch TJ so that we could go out to eat and shop together. What a lovely shopping partner and friend she is.

We also don't have pictures of all of Trent's friends that he grew up with that we were able to get together with while in Utah.

#8: Meeting Great Grandpa Savage
TJ had an instant love for his Great Grandpa Savage, TJ couldn't take his eyes off of him
It was so good to sit and chat with Grandpa Savage in his cozy living room, watch him play on the floor with TJ, and capture this fabulous four generation (minus the second) photo.

#9: The Christmas lights at Temple Square
We almost made the cardinal sin of not going to see the lights at Temple Square before leaving Utah, but thank goodness for us- they stay up past Christmas day. We made a quick run through with Trent's dad, and despite the blistering cold temperature it was delightful.

#10: Meeting TJ's newest cousin, baby Mason
My sister and I are so similar we unknowingly picked out the same Christmas PJs for our babies' first Christmas. Baby Mason is such a good, sweet baby- and just as cute as can be. He is exactly 6 months younger than TJ, but I think he already has more hair. He only needs to double in height and quadruple in head size to catch up with TJ, but surely they will be the same size one day.