Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

TJ's Eighth Month

Eight months old and into EVERYTHING*.

You take your eyes off him for 10 seconds and your eyes return to a sight like this. Cheerios strewn all about and one happy little boy sitting in the middle. Zero guilt.

*The Fireplace
The day after he learned to crawl, he learned to climb, making the fireplace his most favorite place to be. He likes to climb up to it, then climb on top of it, then stand up, then hold on to the chains with one hand, at which point I intervene. He would probably try to climb inside if I didn't stop him there. He is one fearless little boy, which makes me one very fearful mom.

In addition to finding our DVD collection, he also found faith in Christ.

*Sticky Situations
He looks happy, but he is stuck. This happens all the time with a wobbly little table he likes to pull on top of him everyday. When do they put two and two together and stop getting in the same sticky situation?

TJ loves to suck the dirt off every leaf in sight. He occasionally finds one inside our house and he picks it up, and sucks on it for a few minutes. Take him outside and that turns into one very hearty, organic, iron-fortified meal.

*The Dishwasher
TJ loves to climb up on the dishwasher, especially when it's open and there is more surface area to play. It's a shame he can't help load/unload. Maybe we will work on that next month...

*The Toilet
Sick. But after the fiftieth time finding him like this I decided it was time to take a picture.

Only very, very rarely does he get into his toys. We are talking a 1 to 10 ratio, meaning he plays with this awesome Christmas present from Grandpa Gene that makes noises, and lights up, and you can push it, and put balls in it... for 3 minutes, and then he goes and plays with an empty milk jug for 30.

Yes, TJ is very, very into his best bud, Julian. He gets so excited when he sees Mr. J, who now says "TJ" without prompt. TJ will stare at him, laugh at him, and follow him everywhere he goes. Lately he has gotten to play with Julian a lot, while Kim and I crafted our little hearts out over a Valentine's banner.

*Mom's stuff
Here he is getting into part of Kim and I's unfinished little craft banner- "Happy {heart} Day"

TJ's Eighth month was my favorite so far. It was a slow month that seemed to last forever, but yet it didn't last long enough. Trent and I can't get enough of our little boy, who makes us so happy and proud. In addition to learning how to crawl this month, he also learned how to make lots of new noises, including "Dada," which Trent of course is loving. Now we need to teach him what that word means, and how to say "Mama."