Monday, December 6, 2010

TJ's Sixth Month

TJ is six months old today, and he is getting so big. I hear it at least 10 times a day. It used to be- "he is so cute". Now it's- "he is so big". And it used to be- "he looks so much like his dad". And now it's- "he looks just like you". In the coming weeks I am going to bust out some copy-that-1980's-pose and let you decide who TJ really looks like. But for now please enjoy what seems like 100 pictures of TJ- it has been a very busy month and we have taken lots and lots of pictures.

Some of TJ's favorite things to do this month:
Play in his new bathtub, with or without water. It's a huge inflatable duck. Too bad it takes up our entire house. I think we are going to take this to my mom's house and use it as a pool toy next summer.
Play with Daddy.

Play outdoors and jump in the Johnny Jumper. As you can imagine, doing both at the same time makes TJ's day.
Play with basketballs.

On Veteran's Day we took a walk to the park to shoot some hoops. More like, shoot some pictures of Trent, TJ and the basketball hoops. While we were there we got to see helicopters, jet fly overs, and skydivers as part of a big Veteran's Day celebration.
Our friends, Jeff and Stacey, gave TJ this adorable little outfit which we adore. It screams Trent Junior.

TJ, my mom, and I took a trip up to Helen, Georgia to see Meme and Lee at their Lorely timeshare. Growing up, this was my favorite place in the whole world.
But really who can deny the beauty of a Georgia Fall. This picture overlooks the timeshare where we stayed and the river that we used to go tubing down.
Posing in front of the vibrant red bush.

My mom and I weren't the only ones intrigued with the fall leaves.

And on our way back home we stopped by to see Jeff and Stacey's precious new baby, Berkeley. She is too cute for words. I adored the baby while Stacey and Cheyenne taught TJ how to play catch with the plush basketball. Biggest giggle fit ever.

I love Thanksgiving. There are so many good memories associated with the holiday, mostly because of the fun traditions established by the Barber/Meyer/Webb/Lunt clan probably before I was even born. The turkey bowl, the amazing food, the bonfire, and the pies. Oh my.
TJ and I spectated this year.

The smaller than usual, but equally as fun, crowd.

TJ didn't lack any attention. Cousins Rylee and Warner were literally fighting over who could play with him.
Stop me now, because I could go on forever. Just know that my favorite part of Thanksgiving this year was Black Friday shopping at Goodwill with my mom. We spent 26 bucks and walked out with these little vacuums which were a big hit among the young and old, a microwave (since ours broke a couple weeks ago), a brand new looking frog humidifier (TJ has been needing one, but 40 bucks, seriously?$2.75 on the other hand...), a football shaped crock pot, a Christmas tin which TJ loves, two brand new pink princess phones for my nieces for Christmas, a shaved ice maker, haha, didn't I tell you I could go on forever?
On Saturday my mom babysat, so that Trent and I could go to the FSU/UF football game.
Watching the Noles FINALLY steam roll the Gators was almost as good as shopping at Goodwill on Black Friday.

And since I was a deprived child who didn't get to go to Disney until I had practically out grown it, we decided to take TJ when he wasn't even 1/2 of a year old. Actually we had two Disney tickets from the Give-a-day, Get-a-day promo that were about to expire so we took a quick one day trip down to see the lights, ride a ride, and snap a few photos.
In front of the Magic Kingdom? Or is it Cinderella's castle? Mickey's castle? Give me a break this was only my second trip, ever, to Disney World. I wasn't exactly sure what the building was called, I just knew we needed a picture in front of it.

The Mad Tea Cup ride. So much fun. But TJ couldn't decide what was more fun, the 30 minute wait or the 10 second ride.
Definitely the thirty minute wait.
Okay so I googled it- this is the Magic Kingdom, and that building was Cinderella's Castle. TJ is on track to be much more Disney-educated than I.

Sometimes I wonder what my baby boy is going to grow up to be. He is showing so many interests, and I am just sitting on the sidelines trying to capture them all. Here are just a few potential career paths that his future holds:
Basketball player. I think he could watch Trent dribble all day and just laugh his head off. He definitely has a love for all things basketball. Plush ones, hard ones, ones that bounce and ones that roll. Big or small he likes them all.

Professional driver. Bus driver, NASCAR driver, taxi driver, you name it- the options are endless. All I know is when I gave this little boy a piece of the wheel he would NOT let go.

Rapper. I am so embarrassed to admit this, but it's becoming less of a secret that TJ loves his rap music. If he gets fussy in the car, I flip the radio to Magic 101.3 (Blazin Hip-Hop and R&B), and bada bing, bada boom- no more fussiness. They weren't kidding about the Magic part. And just for the record, his first favorite is Jay-Z's Forever Young.

Model. Maybe for the hat department. Or the Big and Tall department. Or maybe just the big department. He's all, "wait a sec, let me pop my collar."
Swimmer. No joke this is one of his top 10 favorite toys. Oh wait, he only has 10 toys. But in all seriousness, Trent's goggles keep him occupied for a loooong time. And he doesn't even mind when we put them on his head.
Plumber. I don't know where the stray Size 1 diaper came from, but when I put it on him I immediately knew I needed to grab the camera. This could be his future, ya'll.
Too much fun, the end.