Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ayla's 22nd Month

Ayla's smile is so contagious. And she seems to be wearing one almost all of the time. I love to see her run into a room with total excitement to see a familiar face. Her giggle. Her run. I guess you could say I'm just a little bit in love.
I was skimming through pictures from the month and realized I hadn't taken but a few with my phone and none with the dslr. For this reason, I am especially glad that my mom's friend, Sue, took some of Ayla wearing vintage dresses for her Etsy site. 

She was all over the place and wouldn't hold still, but she did follow a few commands- "put your hands up high!"

and, "put your hands on your cheeks!"  

I love watching Ayla play with the doll house and her babies.

She is obsessed with babies, both real and pretend.

She loves getting all dressed up for dance.

She went through a pouty face phase this month but I think it has passed.

Ayla and TJ can be so sweet with each other. They also can be so not sweet to each other.

Ayla is tickled by almost any attention she receives from big bother.

They love to play on the scooter.

We took the kids to the Tallahassee Museum over Thanksgiving break with Grandma Doodle and Grandpa Wes.

Ayla was curious and excited to see animals on the other side of the fence.

Ayla played games with Grandma Doodle at the Crepevine. 

Ayla is always dying to join TJ on the floor during gymnastics. We were the only ones to show up during Thanksgiving break so the coaches let Ayla participate too. She was in heaven.

She loves all thing gymnastics (summersaults, trampolines, balancing, etc) but hanging and swinging is probably her favorite.

The kids are always excited to run around the neighborhood Christmas tree. 

We went with Kaeme to chop down a tree, but I'm pretty sure Ayla's favorite part of the experience was bouncing on this horse.

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Judy said...

Yea for Ayla. She is such a happy fun girl. I love it when I can spend time with her.